1 a growth of shrubby aromatic plants of the genus Artemisia, esp. A. tridentata, found in some semi-arid regions of western N. America.
2 this plant.

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  • sagebrush — ☆ sagebrush [sāj′brush΄ ] n. [ SAGE2 + BRUSH1] any of a number of plants (genus Artemisia) of the composite family, common in the dry, alkaline areas of the W U.S.; esp., the big sagebrush ( A. tridentata), with small, aromatic leaves and minute… …   English World dictionary

  • Sagebrush — Sage brush , n. A low irregular shrub ({Artemisia tridentata}), of the order {Composit[ae]}, covering vast tracts of the dry alkaline regions of the American plains; called also {sagebush}, and {wild sage}. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Sagebrush —   [ seɪdʒbrʌʃ; englisch sage, über französisch sauge von lateinisch salvia »Salbei« und englisch brush »Busch«], Artemisia tridentata, Beifußart, die die Wermutsteppe des Großen Beckens in Nordamerika bildet …   Universal-Lexikon

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